Week 4 - Summer - Kaohsiung

This past week we completed our trips to universities, ministered at our first and last (I believe) of nursing homes, and shared many “see-you-again's.” This week has been saddening yet joy-filled--I am experiencing so many emotions! Some of the sadness is from saying goodbye and the anticipation of having to say goodbye to some girls who have been working here in Kaohsiung for the past six months but also from the lack of knowledge of who God is. I have experienced joy in the small moments when needed the most, whether it was time with friends here or FaceTiming friends/family in the states, during my quiet time or relaxing on our two-day break at the beach.

Through all the ups and downs of my emotions and experiences, God continues to demonstrate His goodness. The beach trip provided a moment of calm in the storms, literally. God gave us two beautiful sunny days after two weeks of rain. Even now it is raining again. He knew what we needed--sunshine.

I’ve been reading through John this past month; and between the night of June 22 and morning of June 23, I read the story of Christ's death and resurrection. I have read and re-read the story so many times. On June 22 and 23, the story had such a fresh and new feeling to it, as if I were reading it for the first time. Earlier on June 22, while sharing with a group of girls with one of my teammates, we explained what the cross was and how it was the worst punishment back in the time of Jesus. My teammate demonstrated by motions where the Romans placed the nails because the girls didn’t understand the importance of what it represents. Because of our sin, we deserve that death penalty, but because God’s love is so abundant and overwhelming, He took our punishment. He amazes me with how much He wants a relationship with us even though we don’t deserve it. It breaks my heart to know that the girls don’t fully understand how much God loves them and wants a relationship with them. With the new and fresh feeling of the story, the Lord reminds me that He’s so so good and that He loves me so immensely. I find so much joy in knowing that the Creator loves me and that He truly wants a relationship with me.

I have joy through the reminders of how faithful God is. The way he created all the different beaches and cliffs shows His never-ending beauty. He provides rest when you need it the most. He gives encouragement through friends back home. He lavished His love and strength on me when it seems physically and emotionally hard. He takes my brokenness and makes me whole. He comforts when tears begin to form, or are flowing. He’ is forever faithful, and I’m forever grateful.

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