Week 6 - Summer - Kaohsiung

“Crazy fast with some bumps along the way.” It sounds like I’ve been on a car ride, maybe a roller coaster in the past week but that’s what is how it has felt. Last week feels like three years ago. I have realized how short a time we have left here in Kaohsiung.

Over the past week, we have helped with one camp and began working at another camp. (Camps here are most similar to a VBS back home.) Last week’s camp was very different from a normal VBS in the states but was so amazing and (this is where the bumpiness comes in) was rough on my end. The Lord used last week to teach me some great lessons. At the camp, I ended up in a floral design class and one day also got to go to a baking class. The uniqueness of the camp allowed for incredible moments albeit tough moments. In my floral arrangement class, we used the floral arrangements that we created to show how we are all unique but all brought together by God to serve Him and to show how He shapes us and molds us. We are all beautiful in our own ways; and while we have our flaws, He uses us in mighty ways.

Through the tough moments, God reminded me of the need for the Gospel and to show His love. I learned more about patience and myself. All in all, God is still great and mighty through everything. He stopped the rain before we walked home after we prayed about it. He provided the opportunity to worship at a church where everything was in Chinese. He provided safety from the typhoon that hit northern Taiwan. He is good beyond all measures. He continues to show His faithful love and has illuminated to me the need to share that love. I am excited to see where He is going to take me next. I don’t know where my next location or mission will be, but as long as I’m where He wants me, I’ll be joyed.

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