Week 7 - Summer - Kaohsiung

As the day for returning home quickly approaches, I am reminded how good and sovereign God is. Throughout the summer we’ve said so many goodbyes, but this last week and into the next will be the hardest of our goodbyes this summer. We’ve become close to each other as we all pursued Jesus and shared His love for us with everyone we’ve met. We’ve made friends here in Kaohsiung that we care deeply for. Saying goodbye doesn’t get easier, but knowing that God is in control of it all is amazing. He knew all that was going to happen. He knew that we would all have an ache in our heart as we prepared to leave, but also an ache to share the Gospel wherever we are. He gave us a passion that would grow the closer we got to Him. This last week has been a whirlwind of emotions. The emotions weigh heavily but God has it all. That’s the beauty of it all. We’ve been doing an English Camp at the church we stay at and the theme is God loves everyone. Each day has a different theme. He knows our name, provides, gives us friends, makes us brave, and most importantly died for us. That pretty much wraps up what this summer has been about. He knew my name, the names of my team, and the names of the people we would meet. He provided a way to get here, opportunities to share His name, rest, and moments where is glory was shone. He gave us friends to share with and a team that is more like family than it is friends. He made us brave in moments when sharing was hard or eating the food was nerve wracking. But the top thing about this summer has been sharing the fact that He loves us so much that He died for us and then defeated death by rising again. The whole point of us being here has been to share that great news with everyone. From people we meet at schools to people we meet on the MRT, everyone needs to hear about Him. The Gospel is so important. I wish my typed out words would show the emotions and list of reasons behind why it was so important. The Gospel is so powerful. We are called to share the Gospel; God does the rest. We can’t be their Jesus, but we can tell them about Jesus and how He loves us so much He died for us. I’ve had a summer filled with sharing and planting seeds. I’ve gotten to witness the beauty of God getting all the glory for the Salvation of one of our dear friends. The main thing that comes to mind is that I can’t take any credit for anything that happened this summer. God is at work. He’s ready to use us. Understanding the important of the Gospel is the key to sharing. Just think, without Jesus dying for EVERYONE and all their sin then you wouldn’t know Him. He didn’t just die for one person, but for ALL. “He told them, ‘The harvest is abundant, but the workers are few. Therefore, pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into his harvest.’” ‭‭Luke‬ ‭10:2‬ ‭CSB‬‬

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