Focus Shift

I was totally going in a different direction for this blog, but God has a way of changing things. Over this past week, I’ve been hit with a lot of truth. The question that has been coming to my mind is how is would my life be different if I really lived out my faith? Let’s be real… life gets busy, and our focus shifts. I am truly guilty of this. When I see all that is at hand, I get really overwhelmed and just try to float through everything all on my own. But that’s the fantastic part! Even when my focus is not in the right place, God has His focus on me. God is so gracious to forgive us when our focus shifts from his plans and ways for our lives.

Over this past weekend, I had the opportunity to go with one of my friends to her mom’s house. While the main reason for going was for her younger sisters’ birthday, I came out of the weekend refreshed by two different church services and several long discussions about them. God used an ordinary trip with my friend to highlight my shift in focus. A lot of the times, I try to go about things on my own which normally results in being overwhelmed and super stressed out. But this weekend I was reminded of the importance of being together or as the pastor said: “Christianity is a group project.” Not to say I don’t need my alone time with God (that's a good thing!) but I also need fellowship with believers to come alongside me in prayer, in encouragement, or even in just being present in my life. Even David (in 1st and 2nd Samuel) has people that come alongside Him to point him back to God when he tries to go about things in his way. Not only was I reminded of the need to be together, but I was reminded of the importance of living out my faith.

My dear friend posted something that has stuck with me and promoted positive change in my life. She said, “If we, as Christians, ran after God the way we sing about Him in our praise songs (me included) then what a difference we all could make. If we lived out the words instead of them just being words on the screen that we sing on Sundays - WOW @ the differences. May your hearts always be on fire for God and rejoice in His never failing love.” I don’t know if those words impacted you as deeply as they did for me, but there’s so much truth in them. Before her post, she quoted Matthew 6:33, “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.” The writer, Matthew, then follows that verse with “Therefore don’t worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

A shift in my focus can change everything. It can propel me into actively pursuing the will of God or into selfish ambitions. Instead of trying to conquer things on my own, I am to seek God, to praise Him, to not worry, and to not go at this life alone. When I have it all backward, and I seek to serve myself, the results are not great. But that’s the beauty in God’s faithful love--He knows what we needed, what we need and what we will need. He knew that I needed a refreshing weekend to bring my focus back to Him. He knew that I needed to ask for support from believers around me.

With that being said, I urge you to come alongside me in prayer and encouragement. (And, definitely feel free to ask the same of me.) In the months ahead as I prepare for graduation and my gap year, I ask that you pray that my focus stays on God rather than all of the daily stresses and distractions. I ask that you pray for my heart and for the souls of those who will be impacted by the Gospel.

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