So That No One May Boast

How often do we sit in pews and say “Amen” yet never put action to our words? It’s like saying “I love you” then never showing the person that you love them. It is not an effective way to spread the Gospel. I am guilty of it too. So how do we change that? The answer is simple yet very difficult… we start putting action to our words. We look for new opportunities to share the Gospel and live life with the people around us. God commands us in Matthew 28:19 to go and make disciples. We are called to put action into our words. Throughout the New Testament we see Paul and the other Apostles live life with the churches that they ministered to as well as the communities that surrounded them. They went to those in need. What would happen if we looked up from our own little worlds or our phones or whatever is distracting us and actually put action to our words? How would our community change? How would we change? We aren’t saved just to be saved. We are saved by grace through faith in Jesus so that His Name can be spread and so that all the glory, honor, and praise would go to Him.  

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