Preparing for trips is something that comes naturally to me. As a child, I once packed TWO weeks for a trip. I am great at packing making sure I have everything, but mentally preparing does not come as easily for me. I will pack and repack my bags a billion times just to make sure that I have everything. Sometimes I get so caught off guard  in physically preparing for things that I forget to spiritually or mentally prepare for things. I have a hard time processing change. And sometimes, I struggle with mentally preparing for the possibility uncertain or unfavorable outcomes.

Over the past several months and in the months to come, I have been and will be preparing for what the Lord has in store for me. While I’m not the greatest at keeping up my daily quiet time, moments alone with God provide peace, comfort, and pretty much anything else I need. These times with God, lead to beautiful moments of restoration and reflection. I praise Jesus that even though I may fail some days at making Him my priority, that He still chose the cross for me.

One of the requirements for Global Year is to complete the required reading and other assignments to help you prepare for your next year of sharing the Gospel. The book that my team and I are reading focuses on the cross and how the cross is from where the beauty of our salvation comes. I say beauty because it is a magnificent story of how much God is willing to pursue me. Once I understood the power of the cross, and how Christ‘s sacrifice can change someones future—depending on if they choose to accept Him or not—I began to see the importance of my relationship with Him and how it directly affects those I encounter. That really struck me. I have to prepare my heart by listening to the Lord, by reading His Word and spending time in prayer so that I may be ready to share when the opportunity presents itself. I’m choosing to rest in Him and what He has done for me. I will continue to take steps to prepare and grow closer to Him. Are you willing to join me?

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